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Any family history project begins with the information that you know already. Some of this will be factual, some hearsay. Preparation is key to any genealogical research undertaken.  The following is a list of some of the groundwork you can undertake.

Oral history – this may sound surprising but it is fundamentally important in setting the scene for the more intensive research and if properly recorded could considerably reduce the amount of research required and, of course, time and expense. Those snippets of information handed down could also prove invaluable during the research.

Other Ancestral information – it is unlikely that this information can be completed in full, however the more details of the following information that can be provided, the more focused and effective the search undertaken:


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· Ancestor’s Name


· Date of Birth (approx)

· Place of Birth

· Ancestor’s parents names

· Parent’s year of marriage and location

· Ancestor’s siblings


· Year of Marriage

· Wife/Husband’ name

· Occupation of Ancestor

· Religion

· Period of Emigration

· Children of ancestor (date and place of birth)

· Country of Emigration